Friday, 30 December 2011

Midnight Beauty Makeup

Hey, Long time no post, but no worries, I've got this new look, it was really hard but it was worth it!!!
I call it midnight beauty :) enjoy 
p.s: I made three steps in one pic. because it would've been a really long long post xD
p.p.s: E.D stands for eye dust :) xx

Step One: Add Both Mascaras, liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner for a complete black eyed look -LOL-

Step Two: Apply  LUXE frozen eye dust to the corner of the eyes then, add LUXE Twilight Blue Eye Dust next to the frozen E.D and blend it, now apply LUXE Regatta E.D 
E,D from left to right: Frozen,Regatta,Twilight Blue

Step Three: apply LUXE's frozen E.D along the eyebrow bone, then apply LUXE Midnight Black E.D from the corners to along  the eyebrow bone 
Step Four: done with the hard part :D, now apply DOT Fusion Coral blush and pink sand blush just like the pic and gloss your lips with a touch of lipgloss from LUXE

Step Five: Apply any pink -not light pink- lipstick then apply DOT Sunset gold lipstick for a pinkish nude lip color :D 

Step Six: now you're done, but choose a nice haircut and jam up some accessories and Ta-daahh 
I hope you've enjoyed this hard but fun makeup tutorial , i hope you try it , remember to follow us and stay tuned for more, now off to another makeup hunt, so see ya later makeup lovers :))


Thursday, 22 December 2011

Cut it and fashion spin

You can only do this freebie post if you have an iphone, i pod touch or IPAD!

Cut it is a game brought to youb y stardoll you cut a picture up to reaveal another picture theres things stopping you cutting the picture like metal bars, each 2 levels you do you egt a present to your stardoll suite what is completly free AND THE APP IS FREE!

Fashion spin
Fashion spin is also brought to you by stardoll, you spin a doll and you get points each set of points you get gets you a freebie sent to your suite, very easy THIS APP IS ALSO FREE!

Talented Stardesign Jewellery Designer-f.iliz!

Hey hey hey ;D It me! ^^ Lolza, I'm in a good mood today, wanna know why? Coz I'm chatting to the awesomest gal in the world...TII! :D hey Tii, you rock my world! :D So, I'm here today to talk about an amazing designer, with A LOT of potential in the world of stardesign jewellery. Her name is F.iliz, a really talented girl! Today, I was browsing through my home club, Stardoll Royalty, and found a girl who was in LOVE with her new eyes. So, I earned all my starcoins for today, exchanged them and headed over to her suite to buy some of the eyes myself. WOW! This girl has some SERIOUS talent! Time for a your of her suite....

(Click on images to enlarge)

I also got on interview with her, her answers are in BOLD!

Q: How did you first get the idea to make these eyes?
I saw that people were busy trying to 
close them eyes by using eyelashes and other stuff. And then I thought 
that you could make a lot nicer eyes by using jewellery design.
Q: Did you try to sell them? If so, how?
I've left messages by others, and so I sold them
Q: Why did you start designing?
First I made them for myself. When I got all nice comments, I started selling them.
Q: Is there anyone you'd like to thank?
Nilay-01 from stardoll. she has seen them as first and told me to sale them
Q: How many of these eyes have you sold so far?
over the 100 pieces.

Click HERE to go to her suite. Or click HERE to go straight to her starbazaar to buy some of her designs.

Do you like her eye designs? Tell me in comments! :]


Free barbie necklace!

Click   HERE, Log in and then create a party whats open to all! Then there should be a bag in your suite!

Free Kinect Glow!
( I only know the english way)

If your from anywhere in the UK, click  HERE and log in!


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Easy Hot Chocolate Cutie Makeup

Cold days, Windy Nights, Rain,Snow whatever is making you freeze, you know you can always have your Hot Chocolate, personally I love whipped cream on mine, but today we won't be making hot chocolate, we'll be creating this cute unique look for your medoll, inspired by, of course, that brown chocolate sweet drink..
brands: DOT and LUXE

 Step one: Apply liquid eyeliner around the eyes as shown in the picture above

Step Two: Apply mascara (Not the short one xD )

Step three: Apply a brown DOT eye shadow pencil on the corners just like the picture for your chocolate eye :)

Step four: Just like whipped cream or marshmallows,Apply a creamy white eye shadow from LUXE on the eyelids, remember to blind

 Step five: Apply a light pink blusher , don't over do the blusher,choose a haircut that shows off your eyes
Major Tips:

Keep your lips natural, but feel free to add lip-gloss  

Keep your eye color warm , DO NOT use blue , use one of those colors in the pic -light brown, Dark brown or green-

I Hope you enjoyed this easy fast and cute makeup tutorial .. 

keep visiting stardoll top trends for more makeup looks, follow the blog to get heads up on all the news on stardoll and the latest trends

New Blog Header!

(Click to enlarge)

Yup! That's our new header! It was designed by out own wonderful writer Butterflypp and her brother. What do you think? Comment :D

Hidden shop!

I have found a shop what has one freebie lipstick in it, theres other makeup there but i go there for the freebie lipstick XDDD

Nature Faces Make-up Shop
( If this does not work tell me STRAIGHT away)

Freebie outfits!

Once a week i will come to this blog and do a blog post of which outfit looks the best however since im a free-be writer the outfits are made completly out of freebies! Look at the outfits below which one will suit you better and vote in comments! :]]]

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

We now have a stardoll account! Make sure to add us, leave a GB comment about the blog and any questions ask in this account the account is called we all go on this account the creators of this blog so dont say are you Okay Molly on this account because what if its sam? xDD
Dont be rude about it, its a begiinig account

Chanel Tribute-Last Chance!

Well, its your last chance to buy from the Chanel store, well, tomorrow is anyway. Click HERE to visit the store!

What did you buy? And what did you think of the shop? tell me in comments! :]

New writer

Hii im the new writer, I Write freebies, feel free to add me on stardoll molly09forever, I will start doing freebie posts now xD

New Year Glam Makeup

On stardoll, there are many new year looks that look way too x-masy but if you want a look that is festive fun and easy, then follow these steps for a glamorous look .. 
the look you'll get..
Step one:- Apply Volumizing Mascara -You can get it from DOT or Natural Faces-

 step two:- Apply liquid eyeliner from DOT -but don't apply it to the edges to make that Egyptian look thing xD- 
Step three:- Apply Golden Glow Eye Dust From LUXE on the eyelids
Step four:- Apply Silver Eye Dust from LUXE around the Golden Glow eye dust NOT touching the golden glow or go past the eyebrows , keep it clean :)

Step five:- Apply purple soil eye dust from LUXE -which looks blackish xD- on the corner of the eyelids ..kinda like cat eyes or a tail , keep applying coats of it until it looks like the picture ^^ and keep the edge roundish lol
Step Six:- now to the lips part, apply any red lipstick and then apply a light colored lipstick. to create a unique  lip color for the look
 Step Seven:- Apply any lip gloss you have,I'm using LUXE lip gloss, apply it on the center of the lips, do not apply fully , to give it a special glossy look
Step eight:- Blusher time :)  Apply a light blush color -Number 1- across your cheeks from up to down , don't over-blush, keep it soft, then apply a pale color -Number 2- on the cheekbones , it gives a real look to the doll.
Step nine -FINISHED-: Yaay we're done with your makeup, now pick a dazzling hairstyle and jam up some accessories to finish the look...

Thank you for reading, if you tried this look, send it to me , I'd love to see it :)

xoxo.. ~Butterflypp~

I made this new graphic! :D

Like it? :D Credit to The Stardoll Graphic Corner for helping me with the arms. You rock! :D Ummm...I've forgotten what I was gonna post about....Oh yeah! Just a quick reminder, we still have 2 spots open for blog writers! Freebies and spoilers, email me at and I'll get back to you.These are the only positions I want filling for the moment and this will probably be the last chance you get! Don't miss out on joining the Top Trends family!

-Sam :]

Monday, 19 December 2011

New Writer :)

Hey there, I'm a new writer in this blog and my username on stardoll is Butterflypp, I'll be writing about makeup trends and new looks or even create my own new looks, So tune in more often to see what I have in my makeup kit , thanks for reading :) xoxo butterflypp

New store!

Hey everyone! A new store came out today (Yay!) it's called Apres Ski. Let's take a look:

Aren't the clothes there AMAZING?!? I love them, I especially like the top on page 3 with one of the sleeves draping over the right arm. What do you think? Tell me in comments!

P.S We are still looking for writers! I have hired two, one for stardesign jewellery and another for makeup stuff. I'd like someone to be a spoiler writer, contact me if interested! :]