Thursday, 22 December 2011

Talented Stardesign Jewellery Designer-f.iliz!

Hey hey hey ;D It me! ^^ Lolza, I'm in a good mood today, wanna know why? Coz I'm chatting to the awesomest gal in the world...TII! :D hey Tii, you rock my world! :D So, I'm here today to talk about an amazing designer, with A LOT of potential in the world of stardesign jewellery. Her name is F.iliz, a really talented girl! Today, I was browsing through my home club, Stardoll Royalty, and found a girl who was in LOVE with her new eyes. So, I earned all my starcoins for today, exchanged them and headed over to her suite to buy some of the eyes myself. WOW! This girl has some SERIOUS talent! Time for a your of her suite....

(Click on images to enlarge)

I also got on interview with her, her answers are in BOLD!

Q: How did you first get the idea to make these eyes?
I saw that people were busy trying to 
close them eyes by using eyelashes and other stuff. And then I thought 
that you could make a lot nicer eyes by using jewellery design.
Q: Did you try to sell them? If so, how?
I've left messages by others, and so I sold them
Q: Why did you start designing?
First I made them for myself. When I got all nice comments, I started selling them.
Q: Is there anyone you'd like to thank?
Nilay-01 from stardoll. she has seen them as first and told me to sale them
Q: How many of these eyes have you sold so far?
over the 100 pieces.

Click HERE to go to her suite. Or click HERE to go straight to her starbazaar to buy some of her designs.

Do you like her eye designs? Tell me in comments! :]

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