Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New Year Glam Makeup

On stardoll, there are many new year looks that look way too x-masy but if you want a look that is festive fun and easy, then follow these steps for a glamorous look .. 
the look you'll get..
Step one:- Apply Volumizing Mascara -You can get it from DOT or Natural Faces-

 step two:- Apply liquid eyeliner from DOT -but don't apply it to the edges to make that Egyptian look thing xD- 
Step three:- Apply Golden Glow Eye Dust From LUXE on the eyelids
Step four:- Apply Silver Eye Dust from LUXE around the Golden Glow eye dust NOT touching the golden glow or go past the eyebrows , keep it clean :)

Step five:- Apply purple soil eye dust from LUXE -which looks blackish xD- on the corner of the eyelids ..kinda like cat eyes or a tail , keep applying coats of it until it looks like the picture ^^ and keep the edge roundish lol
Step Six:- now to the lips part, apply any red lipstick and then apply a light colored lipstick. to create a unique  lip color for the look
 Step Seven:- Apply any lip gloss you have,I'm using LUXE lip gloss, apply it on the center of the lips, do not apply fully , to give it a special glossy look
Step eight:- Blusher time :)  Apply a light blush color -Number 1- across your cheeks from up to down , don't over-blush, keep it soft, then apply a pale color -Number 2- on the cheekbones , it gives a real look to the doll.
Step nine -FINISHED-: Yaay we're done with your makeup, now pick a dazzling hairstyle and jam up some accessories to finish the look...

Thank you for reading, if you tried this look, send it to me , I'd love to see it :)

xoxo.. ~Butterflypp~


  1. i tried this look, But i did it with diffrent coulers, instead of the gold black and grey, i tried pink baby blue and purple, all the coulers soot this style perfectly

  2. That's great,its creative of you to try different colors, I'm sure it's fantastic :D