Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Easy Hot Chocolate Cutie Makeup

Cold days, Windy Nights, Rain,Snow whatever is making you freeze, you know you can always have your Hot Chocolate, personally I love whipped cream on mine, but today we won't be making hot chocolate, we'll be creating this cute unique look for your medoll, inspired by, of course, that brown chocolate sweet drink..
brands: DOT and LUXE

 Step one: Apply liquid eyeliner around the eyes as shown in the picture above

Step Two: Apply mascara (Not the short one xD )

Step three: Apply a brown DOT eye shadow pencil on the corners just like the picture for your chocolate eye :)

Step four: Just like whipped cream or marshmallows,Apply a creamy white eye shadow from LUXE on the eyelids, remember to blind

 Step five: Apply a light pink blusher , don't over do the blusher,choose a haircut that shows off your eyes
Major Tips:

Keep your lips natural, but feel free to add lip-gloss  

Keep your eye color warm , DO NOT use blue , use one of those colors in the pic -light brown, Dark brown or green-

I Hope you enjoyed this easy fast and cute makeup tutorial .. 

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