Friday, 30 December 2011

Midnight Beauty Makeup

Hey, Long time no post, but no worries, I've got this new look, it was really hard but it was worth it!!!
I call it midnight beauty :) enjoy 
p.s: I made three steps in one pic. because it would've been a really long long post xD
p.p.s: E.D stands for eye dust :) xx

Step One: Add Both Mascaras, liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner for a complete black eyed look -LOL-

Step Two: Apply  LUXE frozen eye dust to the corner of the eyes then, add LUXE Twilight Blue Eye Dust next to the frozen E.D and blend it, now apply LUXE Regatta E.D 
E,D from left to right: Frozen,Regatta,Twilight Blue

Step Three: apply LUXE's frozen E.D along the eyebrow bone, then apply LUXE Midnight Black E.D from the corners to along  the eyebrow bone 
Step Four: done with the hard part :D, now apply DOT Fusion Coral blush and pink sand blush just like the pic and gloss your lips with a touch of lipgloss from LUXE

Step Five: Apply any pink -not light pink- lipstick then apply DOT Sunset gold lipstick for a pinkish nude lip color :D 

Step Six: now you're done, but choose a nice haircut and jam up some accessories and Ta-daahh 
I hope you've enjoyed this hard but fun makeup tutorial , i hope you try it , remember to follow us and stay tuned for more, now off to another makeup hunt, so see ya later makeup lovers :))


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